Mexico Meets the Midwest aka Quick and Easy Chili

It’s a chilly, October day. You stand, wrapped in a battle- worn blanket, while red labeled cans of tomato soup and lackluster beans stare back at you from the pantry shelves. Nothing for dinner? Think again!’ll never look at canned soup the same way

1 lb of ground beef
2 cans of tomato soup 1-2 cans of beans (I prefer kidney)
4-6 ounces of La Fundidora Salsa Humo (more if you like!)
Chili Powder (chipotle or otherwise) to taste

Brown ground beef, drain, and put in a large cooking pot (or crock pot). Add tomato soup, beans, La Fundidora Salsa Humo, and Chili Powder. Simmer for a few hours, and enjoy! Feel free to double this recipe.

You’ll be glad you did! 

Lorena Meschoulam